Spa Tips

“ brave a massage after a hard workout you will be hooked ”

DRAMATIC CHANGES have occurred in spa culture. There has been an explosion in the number of spas and a huge increase in the numbers of treatments for men. The old rituals of steaming and scrubbing are back and far from simply ‘pampering’ the best new treatments offer real solutions to mens specific needs.

TOP OF THE LIST are treatments with a defined purpose Massages are in pole position as they serve a distinct physical purpose and also have an immediate effect. Facials are also popular, they can offer startling results for guys who don’t use products.

GEARED UP spas are now in the majority. They realise that most guys may not have visited them before and expertly set us at ease.

NOT CONVINCED? Then book a treatment for your partner and go together. Failing that brave a massage at the gym after a hard workout, either way, you will be hooked.



Be sure to drink plenty of water before a treatment. When you are well hydrated a treatment will be more effective. Lay off the hard stuff the night before. If you have overindulged certain treatments can leave you feeling drunk for a second time.

Arrive 15 mins prior, shower and remember your are going for a massage or treatment, request nothing that is not on your spa menu.

your telephone and leave it, and all other electric gadgets, stowed in your locker. Relaxing is the key here, that just wont happen if you take a call mid massage!

your watch and all other jewellery that you can, this will help your therapist.

always wear underwear, trunks or slip provided. Your therapist will not appreciate it if you go commando, remember that the area not being worked on will always be covered by a towel.

and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your surroundings, don’t feel the need for small talk.

a little, your treatment will work more effectively if you are relaxed.

as it is common after a treatment to feel the call of nature. This is often a natural reaction to a massage particularly reflexology, and this is ok.




Looking good by feeling great 

Whilst we can offer quick fixes and external solutions, nothing beats taking care of yourself and your body. Eating well, exercising, and drinking plenty of water, alongside getting enough sleep,and reducing stress in your life will all have a kick on effect in the way you look, from clean skin to healthy hair

REGULAR EXERCISE has been found to add up to two years to the average man’s life. It will also make that time more enjoyable, as well as well as helping to fight disease and illness.

GOOD DIET is key. In particular its imperative to avoid high-content sugar and fatty foods and excessive alcohol.

STRESS can decrease life expectancy so taking time everyday to relax is crucial. Negative energy from people and places can also reduce our bodies own energy and can cause health problems. The body needs an average of 8 hours sleep to find the balance it requires.