The Sweetest Hangover

“Feeling horrendous? Just a few minutes in the bathroom and the boardroom may never know…….”

Feeling rotten after a night of too much fun? Panic over! It’s still possible to look fresh when your hurting, with our top five products to conceal the mother of all hangovers. All it will take is a few minutes in the bathroom and the boardroom will never know!

1. Waken your body and mind with a reviving shower gel. It won’t wash away the sins of the night before, but it will leave you feeling clean, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. A product with menthol should really do the job.

2. Scrub up for just a few minutes with a facial exfoliator, which will slough away toxins, reveal fresh skin and a complexion that looks healthy, not dug up!

3. If your mouth feels like the bottom of a budgie cage, odds are it will not be sweet smelling, so brush and floss as usual and use a potent mouth wash to kill booze breath and bacteria.

4. Feeling dehydrated? Then chances are your skin is too. So slap on some moisturiser to revive and replace lost fluids, choose one with a gradual self tan to give the impression of rugged good health.

5. Do yourself a favour and get to grips with those bloodshot eyes, just a few squeezes of eye drops will make all the difference. Look alert, even if you don’t feel it.

Here are our suggestions:

1. Nickel Morning After Rescue Showergel 200ml £16.00 nickelspalondon.co.uk

2. Bulldog Facial Scrub 100ml £2.55 boots.com

3. No7 For Men SP15 Face Moisturiser With Gradual Tan 50ml £10.00 boots.com

4. Retardex Mouthwash 250ml £6.12 boots.com

5. Eyedew Dazzling Eyedrops 10ml £3.77 all leading supermarkets

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