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Healgel Eye £32.00 for 15mL available from
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Waterhouse Young Clinic Entrance
Waterhouse Young Clinic Relaxation Area
Norman Waterhouse (founder)
SkinCeuticals Simply Clean £23 for 250mL available from
Waterhouse Young Treatment Room
Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 XF Gel £24 for 50mL available from

Waterhouse Young – HydraTight

‘Targeted skin solutions!’

I’ve long been a fan of alternative skin treatments, especially those that are non-invasive, so
I was thrilled to hear about Waterhouse Young, the clinic founded by leading UK cosmetic surgeon Norman Waterhouse. It’s the perfect spot for men who need more than an everyday facial but don’t require anything invasive, and crucially by recognising that our skin is unique, Waterhouse Young practitioners are able to tailor bespoke treatments.

In my case this was a HydraFacial with radio frequency and by combining two protocols within one treatment (the HydraFacial, and radio-frequency) the aim here was to created tighter, brighter and more hydrated skin. Initially my face was cleansed with SkinCeutical Simply Clean, to clear away impurities, then controlled, focused and pain free radiofrequency was applied to my cheeks and jawline. By gently generating a degree of heat, it worked to stimulate my skin cells and encourage new collagen to form.

The HydraFacial followed combining deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration alongside powerful antioxidant protection. The real secret here has a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip which removed dead skin cells and impurities whilst treating the underlying skin with a cocktail of antioxidant serums. These serums are bespoke and formulated to improve the appearance of specific lines and wrinkles. Finally a few drops of Phyto-Corrective Serum Healgel Eye (an eye-brightening gel), and finished off my new face with Heliocare XF SPF 50 to protect from sun damage.

This treatment was one of the most relaxing and rewarding I’ve sampled, I was left with an immediate bright healthy glow and crucially without any reddening or down time. Over the next few days and weeks, long term improvements were apparent including improved skin quality and texture. Not all skin treatments can stop the hands of time, but the best can stop them ticking for a time. So if like me you want to look fresher, more polished and pulled together, then head to Waterhouse Young, it’s the destination for targeted skin solutions.

Nick Cox

Verdict: ‘tighter, fresher, younger’
Price: £400
Available: Waterhouse Young Clinic, 21 Devonshire Street, London W1G 6PB
Book now: 020 7486 3849

1. Healgel Eye £32.00 for 15mL available from

2. Waterhouse Young Clinic Entrance

3. Waterhouse Young Clinic Relaxation Area

4. Norman Waterhouse FRCS (founder)

5. SkinCeuticals Simply Clean £23 for 250mL available from

6. Waterhouse Young Treatment Room

7. Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 XF Gel £24 for 50mL available from

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