Waterhouse Young – Fire and Ice Resurfacing Facial

‘Feel hot, look hotter!’

The Fire & Ice Facial Resurfacing Treatment is a great option for men looking to improve their skin texture and refine their chiselled jawlines. It does exactly what it says on the bottle: it resurfaces the skin, reduces wrinkles, and addresses any problems. It also coaxes all of those little cells into renewing themselves…so how does it work?

At the centre of this system are two treatment masques. The first ‘Fire’ is an Intensive Resurfacing Masque formulated with Sugar Cane Extract, Retinol & Nicainmide. Or to simplify, Vitamins A and B3. Sure it tingles on application, but is never uncomfortable…plus it smells great! Secondly comes the Rejuvenating Masque formulated from a variety of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea and antioxidants. It removes redness and works to soothe as well as nourish the skin.

These all organic products are well suited to men’s skin and the treatment time is around 30 minutes max, so can be slipped right into busy schedules. It’s also perfect for situations where you want to look your best such as interviews or first dates. With no down time to recover, The Fire and Ice Facial could also be squeezed into a lunch break. Whilst we can’t promise that you will look like Hollywood Heartthrobs, Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender, we do know that you will be back at your desk looking like an improved version of your former yourself. Your skin will be left feeling cleaner, fresher and tighter, and with looking good comes…you’ve guessed it, feeling great!

James Linton

Tester: Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide
Verdict: ‘lunch time skin boost’
Price: From £170 for a single treatment
Available: www.waterhouseyoung.com

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