Ultrasmile Teeth Whitening

” a clean and confident smile for everyman”

Here at The Grooming Guide we know how much a clean and confident smile is appreciated, particularly by our Grooming Girls. In a perfect world, coffee, smoking and red wine would have no impact on the appearance of our teeth. If we are honest however, we know that they can leave our chompers looking decidedly lacklustre! Happily for lucky Londoners, Ultrasmile in Canary Wharf is here to put that sparkle back into your smile.

I was advised to take the Zoom Deluxe package, apparently it is by far the most effective! Benjamin Blum, the Zoom Practitioner explained that although people can get sucked into quick fix lunchtime whitening schemes, protection and care is needed to achieve the optimum effect and this takes time. My two hour whitening session was very thorough, firstly, qualified staff examined my mouth; to check everything was in tip-top shape. This was followed by a filler, to completely cover and protect the gums for the up coming treatment. Next, bleach imported from America is brushed on the teeth. This reacts with the three step Zoom laser, to brighten the teeth. Trays are made to take home, plus I was given additional gel syringes. I love the fact that I can now control the shade of my teeth, to maintain my smile, or to give a boost for a special occasion.

The clinic really has everything covered, from complementary drinks, a take home top up pack and extremely friendly and informative staff. My experience was relaxing and pain free and I even watched the film of my choice during the treatment. My teeth are now seven shades whiter which hasn’t gone unnoticed, thanks Dr Blum!


Tester: Joshua Armstrong 24 Student

Verdict: “cleaner, brighter teeth instantly”

Price: Zoom Deluxe Tooth Whitening is £395 for 1 gel syringe or Zoom Platinum is £595 for 6 gel syringes. See their price list for other treatments – http://www.ultrasmile.co.uk/pdfs/ourprices.pdf  

Available: Ultrasmile, 127a Basin Approach, London E14 7JG

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