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The Spa at Brown’s Hotel – Pale Ale Pedicure

‘A relaxing and beneficial treatment for the well-heeled male’

Here at The Grooming Guide we know a thing or two about the restorative powers of a pint; however even we were surprised at our latest discovery!

Who would have thought that the Spa at Brown’s Hotel in the heart of Mayfair would offer a Pale Ale Pedicure? This great multitasking treatment has been devised with men in mind and its aim is to naturally exfoliate dead skin, eliminate toxins and encourage the replenishment of skin through deep hydration. So, are you ready to experience the ‘shed and fed’ process?

I challenge any guy to take issue with a treatment that begins with a chilled glass of Hooky Gold Ale from Oxfordshire! As if that wasn’t enough to tempt this stressed out city gent they throw in some warm chocolate barley cookies for extra measure! Whilst I’m aware that for many readers I could end there, we haven’t even touched on the fascinating (and incredibly relaxing) process of the pedicure itself.

Epsom salts and crushed hop flowers (continuing the British ale theme) are massaged onto the feet and lower legs to exfoliate, whilst also boosting circulation. This is followed by a warm foot soak containing pale ale, where the detoxifying and replenishing action of the pale ale kicks in. The warm water and ale combination opens pores and encourages the skin to absorb the nutritional benefits of the ale, which moisturises at a deep level-who’d have thought it!

After soaking, my feet are dried and subjected to an exhilerating massage with Maris Otter barley and hop lotion, folowed by a barley and sesame seed oil foot wrap that managed to lock in moisiture for long term hydration. My feet remain apealingly soft for ages following the treatment, and I’m advised to keep them in tip-top condition by applying some body lotion to them from time to time.

Clearly if you thought that pedicures were the reserve of hen nights and ‘girlie indulgence breaks’ then think again; the Spa at Brown’s Hotel has just succeeded in reclaiming this relaxing and beneficial treatment for the well-heeled male.

What will they think of next…………………..

Tester: Paul Bhari Public Relations Executive

Treatment: Pale Ale Pedicure from the Spa at Brown’s Hotel

Price: £95.00 for 90 minutes (including refreshments)

Available: (020) 7493 6020 or visit

P. Bhari/A. Blake

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