The Royal Mansour Marrakech – Hammam Treatment

‘I was rendered blissfully at ease in luxurious surroundings!’

A trip to the hammam may be central to Moroccan life, but what if you want to wash away your troubles in the most luxurious surroundings? May I suggest taking this treatment at The Royal Mansour Marrakech, an establishment which elevates this bathing ritual to a completely different level? From the moment I entered the space-age white atrium of this spa, it was clear that I was in a temple to the body where people come to worship and be worshipped.

My ritual began in a hot, dimly-lit room filled with soothing aromas where a therapist began my massage by kneading a gooey black soap (made from olive resin) firmly into my skin. Sure, it was relaxing in parts but stretched out on the warm marble, I was also stretched and pummeled within an inch of my life! Once every muscle in my body was beaten into submission and there was no tension left in my body or mind, and I was prepared for an exfoliation using a detoxifying body mask and the traditional kessa massage glove.

A noticeably more smooth and relaxed me then settled for a few further moments of escape in the hot room before finally taking a bracing dip in the water of the cold room to bring me firmly back to reality. I entered the spa hot and hassled but floated out renewed, relaxed and rendered blissfully at ease by my luxuriously surroundings.

Tester: Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide
Price:1000 MAD, Approx. £80
Verdict:‘the most luxurious place to be scrubbed and pummeled’
Available: The Royal Mansour Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti 40000 Marrakech Tel: 0529.80.82.00

1. The Royal Mansour Patio

2. Le Grande Table Morocaine At The Royal Mansour

3. A Royal Mansour Riad

4. The Royal Mansour Tea Lounge

5. The Royal Mansour Swimming Pool

6. The Royal Mansour Riad Rooftop

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