The Refinery Pedicure

“Feet look and feel ready for the summer ahead”

Our Grooming Girls know what makes a man attractive and terrible toes clearly do not, as hard skin and long nails actually rank among their top turn offs. We suggest that before you consider putting your feet in a pair of flip flops or sandals this Spring you get a pedicure. Smart guys and sportsmen have always taken care of their feet, and as the average guy takes around 18,000 steps per day its easy to see why you should give it a go.

Perhaps the most thorough pedicure in London is to be had at The Refinery in Mayfair where the staff are particularly geared up to the needs of men and set guys at ease in their private treatment rooms. Their ‘Sole Therapy’ Treatment is a complete overhaul for the feet and is particularly reccommended for guys who want to see and feel results.

The central element of this treatment is a callus peel where a mask containing asylic acid is spread over the feet. This deep and penetrating cream is left for between 15-20 minutes to activate. Once removed it takes with it hard dead skin and if any remain it is sloughed away with a rasp. Finally the nails are cut and filed into shape and the cuticles are softened and pushed back, the feet are then washed and moisturised. Result: feet that both look and feel ready for the summer ahead.

The products used by The Refinery in the ‘Sole Therapy’ treatment are only available in store, but why not investigate their shaving and skin care collection which is formulated by men for men and perfect for even the toughest skin.

Verdict: Ultimate pedicure that leaves you walking on air

Price: Sole Therapy Pedicure £40 for 30min

Available: The Refinery, 40 Brook Street , London W1K 5DU


1. The Refinery Moisturiser 75ml £29 the-refinery.com

2. Bliss Diamancel Course File £27.60 Harvey Nichols

3. The Refinery, 60 Brook Street, London, W1K 5DU

4. Kiehls Cross Terrain Dry Run Foot Cream 100ml £15.50 House of Fraser

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