The Man Massage

Guys, we think that it’s time to introduce you to a treatment that will have you hooked as quickly as it relaxes you. A way to switch off that voice in your head, ease stress, stimulate digestion and immunity, among other things… a man massage! Here at The Grooming Guide, we also know from experience that not all guys are fans of the fluffy robe and scented candle massage! That’s why we chose therapists Jarod Chapman and James Hardy, both blokey experts in their field they tailor massages specifically to the male body.They address particular issues that are prevalent in guys, such as sports stress, as well as more common problems such as muscle tension and stress. We thought we should offer you two alternative treatments, along with their therapists. Now you have a choice about how you would like to unwind...

Sports Massage
If convenience is an issue for you, James Hardy, founder of Live Fit, has created mobile massages across all of London in sports and relaxation massages. This way, you do not even need to leave the house… relaxation comes to you! Live Fit also works with physios, osteos, chiropractors, and personal trainers for all of your well-being needs. LiveFit BackFit is a treatment that incorporates all of these elements. However, the Sports Massage, an under-represented part of a proper training plan, is what one of our testers here at The Grooming Guide undertook. This massage reduces tension in over-worked muscles and reduces the risk of injury and aches in parts of the body whilst improving training ability and results. An increase in agility, speed, and strength can also be expected.

Treatment and effect
This was my first ever sports massage and it was a real eye opener. I was initially shocked at the deep and specific pressure applied to my muscles, but soon felt the effects of the mobilisation of my joints and the benefits of the  stretching of my muscles. What I really appreciated was the upbeat nature of the treatment. James chatted and explained everything he was doing which made me feel at ease. I found the whole experience energising and that included the music which was worlds away from whale music. I would swear it was Jon Bon Jovi… The next day I did feel achy, but a couple of days after that I felt energised and realigned.

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor of The Grooming Guide
Verdict: No pain, no gain.
Price: From £50.00 for 1 hr
Available: http://livefit.co.uk/


Deep Tissue Massage
Jarod Chapman has nearly 20 years experience as a Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist. He’s worked with rugby players, performance artists and city high flyers. He says, “A male therapist can knead away tension with strength and male intuition. I know where to target most commonly reported ‘tight spots’; as a personal trainer, runner and regular gym user”. Jarod performs two different kinds of treatments: a personal training session followed by a deep tissue massage or a massage on it’s own. The former gives rise to the body-mind complex whereby exercising allows us to connect deeper to our thoughts thus creating a much happier bloke. A massage following physical activity assists with the removal of metabolites and will stretch away the tension from muscular strengthening. Stressed? The deep tissue massage relieves tired muscles from poor postural imbalances, reduces tension within connective tissues, mobilises joints and reduces stress.

Treatment and effect
Human touch is healing and Jarod focuses on the fact that a massage treatment is more than the physical mechanics and that the body-mind complex responds positively to regular massage treatments. Jarod takes a holistic approach to well being and instantly put me at ease with his relaxing and no frills Australian manner. His movements were relaxing and rythmic, and whilst its true some female therapists do have firm hands, Jarod applied just the right amount of pressure. Results included reduced stress levels, I also slept much better that night. The following day I also noticed increased concentration at work.

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor of The Grooming Guide
Verdict: Perfect amount of pressure to energise.
Price: £75 for 1 hr deep tissue/sport massage or £95 for 1.5 hrs
Personal Training Sessions are £60/hour in studio.
Available: www.jarodchapman.com



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8. Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Massage Oil £11.65 for 100ml from www.nealsyardremedies.com

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