Spa Intercontinental and Lee Kynaston – Pit Stop Treatments

‘In 10 minutes I’d forgotten my exhausting day, after 30 minutes I couldn’t even talk…’

Spa Intercontinental and Lee Kynaston have created a well thought out menu of fast, fuss-free treatments exclusively for they modern male. What’s more they use Elemis skincare products that are designed specifically for male skin and each treatment is results led with rapid results.

‘As I make my way to the Intercontinental Hotel, I am reminded at just how impressive this area is, with it’s air of global power players mingling with restrained elegance. After a few long and hectic days in the office I’m really looking forward to sampling the new ‘Pit-stop’ treatment menu, put together by Spa Intercontinental and Lee Kynaston, male grooming expert.

On entering the 1st Floor Spa I am immediately impressed by the sensitively designed interior – muted tones, dark woods, delicate scents – a great first impression. After an initial drink and consultation in the reception suite I am greeted by Amy who would be looking after me today. The treatment rooms are equally as impressive – continuing the theme of a space to relax, switch off and capture some peace – a well considered combination of subdued lighting, dark tones and calming ambient music.

As for the treatment, it was bliss from the off – various massage techniques are used on different areas accompanied by a variety of lotions and potions. After 10 minutes I had forgotten my exhausting day, after 30 minutes I was unable to talk and after an hour I was in a state of total relaxation – this was a seriously good massage.

As a final treat I enjoy a session on the dry floatation bed – it is claimed that 20 minutes is equal to a four hour sleep – just imagine being wrapped in warm fluffy towels while floating on a huge waterbed, mood lighting and ambient music accompany the session – this experience delivers on all levels, it is divinely relaxing. At the end of my treatment I eventually manage to regain my composure, say a huge thanks to the team and float all of the way home.’

Treatment: One hour Deep Tissue Massage + 20 Minute Dry Flotation session.
Tester: M. Sambrook
Verdict: Highly recommended – a genuinely well thought through experience which is tailored towards the needs of us modern men.
Price: £90.00 for 1 hour
Available: Spa Intercontinental, Intercontinental, One Hamilton Place, Park Lane, London W1J 7QY Tel: 020 7409 3131, www.london.intercontinental.com

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