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‘The Refined Refresh’ – Dr. Antoni Calmon.

When it comes to choosing any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to do one’s research. But let’s be frank, finding a great doctor isn’t easy!

Aside from their social media following and before and after shots on insta (I’d ignore both of those btw!) there’s also the wading through online reviews, treatment menus, and testimonials! But reader relax, because once more I’ve done the hard work…so you don’t need to! Cue Dr Antoni Calmon my aesthetic doctor of choice. His clinics in Paris and London are frequented by people from all over the world, just like me, who appreciate his lightness of touch, medical knowledge and unique rejuvenation techniques.

For Dr Calmon consultations are key and so my session with him began with a careful diagnostic examination as he took a long hard look at the characteristics of my skin and face. In my case having recently lost 20kg, he confirmed that my skin had lost a little elasticity and volume and gained a few wrinkles as a result.Once Dr Calmon had established his diagnosis, we then discussed various options together which would restore some much needed elasticity and radiance to my face. My slightly hollow face was giving me a tired look and so a tiny amount of Hyaluronic acid was carefully injected (a first for me) into the apples of my cheeks, instantly it was clear that some much needed volume and balance had been restored to my cheeks and cheekbones.

Next up were a few drops of carefully placed Botox, Once injected into the face, this Botox blocks the neurotransmitters that contract muscles associated with various facial expressions (specifically, the release of acetylcholine from nerve cells to muscles). In doing so, it “freezes” the area to prevent the formation or proliferation of wrinkles. In my case this was a drop between my eye and a mere two more at each temple. The doctor explained that maximum movement was the most flattering way forward and so my forehead was left free to wrinkle at will.

The final flourish was a bespoke facial with a therapist which tightened and brightened! So what of the results? Well immediately after the treatment my skin was brighter plumper and more hydrated, but over the following days and weeks these results became amplified. I was looking decidedly more rugged than rough and my face looked refreshed, more rested and decidedly more youthful.

Thanks Dr Calmon, I’ll be back, because you have taught me that definitely more!

35 avenue Franklin Roosevelt 
75008 PARIS
+33 (0)1 40 05 51 89

25-27 George Street 
W1 U3QA London
+44 (0)20 7486 4168


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5. Dr. Calmon's Paris Clinic.

6. Dr. Calmon and patient.

7. Dr. Calmon's Paris Clinic.

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