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PfefferSal Treatment Room

PfefferSal – Re-Energiser & Go Under The Light Treatments

‘Real men get facials!’

The secrets out, real men get facials! What’s more, despite the current trend for all things tonsorial, bearded blokes are digging skincare…and like never before. Clinics and facialists are reporting such a rise in requests from the hairier sex, that they are devising new treatments and protocols to satisfy our needs. One of the best is Pfeffersal who knew that ‘facials are more than an indulgence, they are an investment in skin health’ so passionate are they about our skin that they have created a handful of results driven treatments to satisfy even the most time poor and demanding of men.

Firstly, forget all thoughts of fountains, fairy lights and whale music as Pfeffersal is an epic and elemental space. Think bare stone walls and exposed pipework and lets just say it’s relaxing, cavernous and a whole lot chicer than my own man cave! The first step was to decide what’s relevant for my skin with my therapist, and with multiple brands and treatments on offer it was easy to tailor something to the specific needs of my skin.

What’s it for: This treatment is specifically for men with facial hair, and includes the extraction of blackheads for clear skin, and also decreases the appearance of dark circles.

My treatment began with a good, deep clean to clear away any pore congestion in order to brighten the skin. Next, a galvanic machine was used to target the delicate eye areas, it worked to remove puffiness and blur fine lines as well as plump the face. Finally this treatment ended with a facial and shoulder massage. It ensured that my body felt as refreshed and revitalised as my face!

Verdict:‘A reboot for the face’
Price: Re-Energiser £95.00 (exclusive to PfefferSal only)

Go Under The Light
What’s it for: Reducing acne, stimulating collagen production and encouraging cell healing.

Following advice from the team I also went on to try another treatment. With no mess, and no fuss it was a quick and easy procedure using light therapy to stimulate collagen production (tick), regenerate and revitalise cells (tick), and drum roll please… kill acne bacteria to help you have a fresher face! A treatment so ultimately relaxing that I could hardly lift myself from the treatment bed. Pure out of body bliss. Thanks Pfeffersal I’ll be back!

Verdict: ‘lunch break skin boost’
Price: £25 as an addition to treatment, or £50 for a twenty-minute stand alone session.

Available: The Stables, Warren Mews, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6BY
Book now: +44 (0) 203 8834 702 / +44 (0) 748 0671 275

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