Botox Being Injected To Eye Area

Dr Luca Russo – Botox Treatment

Do I spend more time than the average guy in front of the mirror? Perhaps! But for every guy there will come that moment when he notices the wrinkles and creases that skincare won’t shift. I can ( and will) stress the importance of using a moisturiser with SPF, but…. Continue

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 15.05.47

PfefferSal – Re-Energiser & Go Under The Light Treatments

The secrets out, real men get facials! What’s more despite the current trend for all things tonsorial, bearded blokes are digging skincare…and like never…. Continue

Laze Clinic - Mesotherapy

Lazeo Clinic – Mesotherapy

As we age slathering up with skincare can only help us so much. Have you ever looked into the mirror after cleansing and moisturising your face, and just wanted ….. Continue

The Lazeo Clinic, 8-9 Lambton Place, Notting Hill, London W11 2SH

Dr Sister – Botox Treatment

For most guys there is a moment when he notices creases and wrinkles that skincare won’t shift! Continue

Male Pedicure

Margaret Dabbs – Medical Pedicure

Have you looked at your trotters lately? I mean REALLY looked? I did and was shocked, after months holed up in boots it was clear that my tired trotters needed some attention… Continue

Perfect Eyes

Dr Ariel Haus – Caboxytherapy & Sublative Rejuven-Eyes

‘Men are finally losing their skin-hibitions….’ Sure a visit to the dermatologist might not be the ‘topic du jour’ at the pub or even over coffee, but rest assured some men are finally losing their skin-hibitions! I’m one of them … Continue

Work by Horiyoshi

Horiyoshi III

Here at the Grooming Guide tattoos had passed us by, until we discovered Horiyoshi III that is! More akin to works of art and costing tens of thousands of dollars, his tattoos …………. Continue

Omorovicza Product Range

Omorovicza – Gentlemen’s Facial

In our desire to look rugged not rough, men no longer wince at the mere mention of having a facial. That’s great news for…. Continue

Dr. Ariel Haus

Dr Haus – Triniti Laser Treatment

Something something something Dr House pun. Now I’ve got that out of my system, we can get down to the more serious business of reviewing a medical procedure. Hailing from sunny Rio de Janeiro, not Oxfordshire (OK I promise, I’ll stop), Dr Haus brings world-renowned Brazilian cosmetic practices to London’s Harley Street. And, with 15 years experience specialising in non-invasive and minimally invasive Cosmetic Medicine, it was no small relief to find out that I didn’t have to go under the knife for immediate results. Continue

A fresh face with Pelleve

The Aesthetic Skin Centre – Pellevé Treatment with Trudy Friedman

When choosing a skin treatment, even if its dubbed ‘non-invasive’ and ‘non-surgical’ it’s important to choose the best practitioner and with over 25 years of medical experience (that don’t show on her face!) Trudy Friedman is our latest discovery… Continue

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