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‘The one stop shop for perfect features!’

Can I share a secret? I’ve beaten the January blues. The shorter days, late nights and lack of light always mess with my mojo, but as I age, they were also messing with my face!
My frazzled features were looking tired and rundown and it was clear that I needed to hit refresh!

Clearly snatched (and not slashed) was my aim, so I was searching for non-surgical facial treatments. I discovered Ouronyx in London, and paid them a visit. From the moment that I stepped inside their large, airy and luxurious surroundings it was clear that I had hit grooming gold. With the elegant interiors and concierge service of a five-star hotel or private members’ club, I was instantly put at ease.

My warm welcome included taking coffee and admiring their modern art collection, and then I headed downstairs to begin the most elevated and high tech client experience that I have had to date. A team was on hand to film and photograph my face from every angle. Ouronyx use a 3D imaging system to measure the depth of my wrinkles, redness and hyperpigmentation of your skin. Armed with the evidence I was ushered in to meet my doctor. I was lucky to land upon the charming and straightforward Dr Marco Nicoloso and I was in luck because he is renowned for his natural approach and the subtle looks that he creates.

Ouronyx may offer a wide range of treatments that include wrinkle relaxation, hair regeneration, skin texture and pigmentation improvements but Dr Nicoloso assessed my face holistically and then devised a totally bespoke plan to meet my needs. We decided on a much needed facial freshen-up and a combination of toxin and skin boosters (think injectable skincare) were injected to increase my hyaluronic acid levels. Minutes later the treatment was completed and I was ushered out to a special post treatment area to treat the skin and disguise any blemishes before I heading out into the city. It is this level of attention to detail (in all things) that really set our onyx apart… and yes above!

So what of the results? Post treatment my skin was hydrated like never before with a bright complexion full of health and vitality. Within two weeks my skin was restored to a wrinkle free youthful glow and relaxed outlook. Happily I’m greeting the New Year looking rugged and not rough and brimming with new found confidence!

Thank you Ouronyx for redefining the medical aesthetics experience..for everyone!

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor of The Grooming Guide.
Treatment: Refinement Treatment.
Verdict: New face for the New Year!
Price: Please contact Ouronyx for your consultation.
Availability: Ouronyx London, 20 St. James’s Street, London, SW1A 1ES
For more info, check ouronyx.com
Phone: +44 (0)204 542 1697 or E-Mail to london@ouronyx.com

1. Nick Cox / Editor The Grooming Guide.

2. Ouronyx London Interior.

3. Injectable Skincare.

4. Dr Marco Nicoloso.

5. Ouronyx London Treatment Room.

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