Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson Treatment Room
Katherine Jackson
Cleaner, smooth, more radiant skin

Katherine Jackson – Bespoke Facial

If you’re seeking cleaner, smoother, more radiant skin (aren’t we all) then Katherine Jackson is the name on our lips here at the Grooming Towers. With over 40 years experience under her belt, Katherine Jackson is an expert in all things skin related which means her studio, tucked off the Kings Road is a treasure trove laden with potions and lotions.

We sent our trusty tester to enjoy Katherine’s Bespoke Facial and this is what he said:

‘I’ve only had one facial before so I can only compare the two. Katherine’s was far more personal, it felt bespoke in the sense that she would be examining areas and problems unique to my skin and discussing why these happen and then applying the appropriate treatment. With any service that requires physical contact, it is essential that the professional has that ‘special touch’, as someone without it not provide a comfortable experience. Katherine certainly has that, and at points of the treatment, particularly during the massage, I was drifting in and out of sleep. She makes her own mixtures and personalised products for the individual and as a result there is an air of mad genius to her- if this genius was calm and serene. All in all a very enjoyable and beneficial experience’.

Katherine uses ultrasound for squeeze-free extractions. The machine’s vibrations make it ideal for removing milia, keratin-filled cysts frequently found near the eyes that look like white bumps under the skin. Equally as effective is the cold laser used to stimulate cell tissue repair, which can be used to treat conditions such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, thread veins and excess hair. If that’s not enough to win you over then the fresh algae mask, head massage and spot of lymphatic drainage is sure to do the trick.

The highlight for our tester was the special concoction mixed expertly by Katherine on the spot to meet the patient’s individual skin care needs, with extra for you to take home with you! Traditional eastern medicine meet innovative, modern technology and the result is something quite special.

Bespoke facials for £180 at Katherine’s studio:

Capital House
2 Michael Road
London SW6 2AD

Tel: 020 7371 0444
Mobile: +447515929780

1. Katherine Jackson

2. Katherine Jackson Treatment Room

3. Katherine Jackson

4. Cleaner, smooth, more radiant skin

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