Gentlemen’s Tonic/Detoxifying Facial

“looking as refreshed as if I had taken a weekend away”

Here at the Grooming guide we like to explore the important treatments for the modern man, and hopefully we distinguish between the whimsically vain and the ones that give results. Nestled in an attractive Mayfair mews, Gentlemen’s Tonic offers a selection of reviving & rejuvenating treatments designed to get guys back on track, and for less than the price of silk handkerchief on nearby Bond Street. On an uncharacteristically hot day, Avril my therapist led me through the cool corridors down to a pleasingly antiseptic treatment room for my facial. Reassuringly she offered her expertise to help decide what my skin needed, rather than allowing me to pick & choose at random. Whilst we may think we know what’s required, sometimes it is best to harness the wisdom we are paying for!

Deciding that I would gain maximum benefit from the Gentlemen’s Tonic Detoxifying Facial, which is designed to deeply re-hydrate & purify the skin resulting in a healthier younger looking complexion, she began with cleansing away the build up of urban grime. What you see and what actually builds up on the face is frighteningly different! Over time this build up of everyday grime, dead skin cells, pollution etc can contribute to a dull lifeless complexion and even contribute to an acceleration in the aging process.

Of all the different stages of this facial, the application of the tea-tree mask was the most exhilarating sensation as it sealed itself to the skin, to deeply extract all the impurities. Whilst this took effect Avril performed a welcome shoulder neck & upper arm massage which took my relaxation levels up another notch. Finishing with a toning and moisturising I floated back to the treatment room and was ready to face the streets as refreshed as if I had taken a weekend away. For good measure my therapist also imparted valuable tips and hints that were tailored to my skin’s specific needs. I left safe in the knowledge that I could take advantage of her expertise and incorporate it into my everyday grooming routine.

Tester: Paul Bhari Public Relations Executive
Verdict: “Feel great, look a lot better, what is there not to love?”
Price: £75.00 for approximately 60 mins
Available: Gentlemans Tonic, 31a Bruton Place, London W1J 6NN


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3. Gentlemen's Tonic reception area

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