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Elemis Day Spa – Skin IQ+ Men’s Facial

“So relaxed I didn’t want to leave”

If I’m honest a twice daily shaving regime combined with my love of skiing has left my skin less than baby soft, which probably makes me the ideal candidate for a more intensive skincare routine. However I’m also a spa virgin, who feels that facials are more suited to a footballers wife, rather than an average guy in his 20’s! So when I was asked to visit the Elemis Day Spa I was apprehensive, however curiousity won and off I went…

The Skin IQ+ Men’s Facial

My treatment started with an in depth analysis of the condition of my skin, which scarily revealed wrinkles and spots as well as UV damage. After this initial shock I was soon settled into my treatment room. I had a ridiculous preconceived idea that I would be greeted with a room full of middle aged house wives reclining on day beds covered in avocado mush and cucumber slices. Instead I found myself in a warm, smart almost masculine room and after I had stripped down to my shorts I was given a very soft robe to wear and was put at ease with a foot massage. Next came the main part of my treatment: the facial itself.

Using a cleanser that left my skin feeling tingly and fresh, she removed any grease and dirt that had built up on my skin and then followed this by both warm and cooling creams. The a deep cleansing mask was applied to my face, this was amazing. I could feel it really getting to grips with all the daily grime and dirt that had clogged my pores as if it was peeling away a whole layer of dead and weathered skin. My therapist finished with a strong neck rub and threw in another foot rub for good measure. Throughout the facial the constant firm but gentle pressure had me feeling so relaxed I nearly went to sleep, and even after it had finished I was so relaxed it took me nearly half an hour to work up the energy to actually try and leave!

Having never been anywhere near a spa or treatment in the past, I am now officially a convert. It was an incredibly relaxing and calming hour-long session, which also left my skin feeling healthier, softer and in better condition than ever before. A facial may not transform you into Ryan Reynolds or George Clooney, but it will improve your skin and as I found out it’s a great way to relax. Not only that, but getting a little more in touch with your feminine side may even go some way to impressing potential dates. Nothing wrong with that…

Treatment: The Skin IQ+ Men’s Facial

Tester: Blo Deady 27 Delicatessen Manager

Verdict: ‘I’ll be back’

Price: £118 for 1 hour 15 minutes

Available: www.elemis.com


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1. Elemis Logo

2. Elemis Day-Spa 2-3 Lancashire Court Mayfair London W1S 1EX 020 7499 4995

3. Elemis Time for Men Energising Skin Scrub £16 for £75ml At Debenhams

4. Elemis Spa Interior

5. Blo Deady

6. Elemis Men Anti-Ageing Time Defence Eye Reviver £38.50 for 15ml from www.timetospa.co.uk

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