Natural Results
Nick Cox. Editor The Grooming Guide
Natural Results.
The Grooming Guide Editor Nick Cox with Sabrina Shah - Desai.
Perfect Eyes, 121 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 6AX.
Transformation In Progress.
Sabrina Shah-Desai MS FRCS (ED)

Perfect Eyes/Dr. Sabrina Shah – Desai – ‘Eye Boost’ and ‘Brow Lift’

‘The one stop shop…for perfect peepers!’

Are you feeling tired or rundown? Then the chances are that it’s showing in the skin around your eyes. Be honest, are those bags and dark circles really indicators of late nights, poor diet, smoking, or alcohol consumption? Or is there a chance that the ageing process, may also have a hand in those under-eye issues?!

If adding a cream or serum to your grooming routine is no longer enough to tackle your tired eyes..then it may be time to take action! Our eyes are like our IG stories…. they reveal EVERYTHING that’s going on in our lives..and that includes ageing.

I decided to visit Dr. Sabrina Shah, who specialises in facial rejuvenation and restoration treatments which include eyelid lifts and oculoplastic surgical treatments such as Blepharoplasty. Before you hit the panic button, relax. I was in search of something simpler, and far less invasive. So after an initial examinination of my skins needs and suitability, I opted for two of her most popular male treatments, the Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment and the Lateral Tear Trough Treatment.

During the 15 minute ‘Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment’ or ‘Brow Lift’, a small amount of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) was injected into the skin of my forehead in order to immobilize and relax the muscles that depress the eyebrow. This automatically smoothes lines and furrows, using a combination of micro-injections for the superficial muscles and injections to the subcutaneous muscles underneath, for the record, they were both painless. For a more natural look, Dr. Shah also recommended keeping a smattering of horizontal front lines.

I began to notice a difference just a few days after the treatment, and now several on, I can fully embrace my smoother, fresher face. My face is capable of full expression and results will last up to four months until my muscles fully regain their mobility. Want to hear the good news? It’s possible to have this treatment repeatedly!

My second treatment was designed to tackle the tear trough, this area is situated below the eye and can be a cause of lower eye-bags, dark circles and loss of volume when unmasked. Happily Dr. Shah-Desai has developed a specific ‘Eye- Boost’ treatment specifically to tackle this area by introducing hyaluronic acid into the lower eye area. The goal? To restore the volume of the tear troughs and plump hollows.

As a man with a previously self imposed ‘no fillers’ rule, I was slightly sceptical. However some rules are made to be broken and Sabrina IS a Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive surgeon with a legendary lightness of touch. She explained that fillers can actually hydrate the skin from the inside, and lead to improvements in skin quality and collagen production. It was true, during the injections I noticed a subtle and immediate reduction of the dark shadows under my eyes. Now four weeks later the fillers have settled and delivered natural results by being gradually absorbed and replaced by water.

Both my treatments at Perfect Eyes have combined to give my face a fresher, less aggressive and more rested look. My after care was also exemplary with post treatment follow-up appointments to check on my progress, and slightly tweak my results. I know that when it comes to new aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments, it’s crucial to choose the freshest treatments from the best practitioners, and when it comes to your eyes Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai is undoubtedly the correct choice.

Thank you so much Sabrina, for being passionate about people…and their peepers!

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor of The Grooming Guide.
Treatment: Brow Lift/Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment and Eye Boost/Tear Trough Treatment.
Verdict: Brighter eyes, in under 30 minutes!
Price: Eye Boost and Tear trough Treatments start from £450/ ml (normally 1-2 ml per tear trough required), Brow lift treatments start from £450 for a Micro-Droplet Chemical Brow Lift.
Availability: Dr. Shah- Desai has practices in London (Harley Street, St. Johns Wood) or in Greater London (Barnet & Essex). For more info, check
Phone: 0207 1835 121 or 07952028397 or E-Mail to

1. Nick Cox. Editor The Grooming Guide

2. Natural Results.

3. The Grooming Guide Editor Nick Cox with Sabrina Shah - Desai.

4. Perfect Eyes, 121 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 6AX.

5. Transformation In Progress.

6. Sabrina Shah-Desai MS FRCS (ED)

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