Botox Being Injected To Eye Area
Harley Street
Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide
Dr Lucca Russo
Smoother, line free eye area.

Dr Luca Russo – Botox Treatment

‘Where ageing is optional!’

Do I spend more time than the average guy in front of the mirror? Perhaps! But for every guy there is a moment when he notices the wrinkles and creases that skincare won’t shift! I can stress the importance of using a moisturiser with SPF, but I can’t turn back the hands of time….or can I?

Cue leading cosmetic surgeon and lecturer in cosmetic dermatology Dr Luca Russo. He’s been leading the way with minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments for well over a decade. His treatments not only help to restore youthful skin they also promote wellbeing. With clinics in Harley Street and Canary Wharf his patient list that reads like a who’s who of celebrities, politicians and royals.

Dr Russo has pioneered the use of many treatments that are regularly in use today and what really sets him part from a sea of passable practitioners is the consultation process, which is perfect for men who have never had a cosmetic procedure. Dr Russo takes time to get to know his patients, their faces and their expectations and refreshingly in our initial meeting he determined which (if any) of his treatments I was suitable for.

In my case it was Botox and so I decided to join the increasing number of men who are see it as a great anti-ageing option. Dr Russo crucially took time to ask me about my expectations and analysed my ability to move certain muscles in my face, I also felt completely free to ask him any questions about the process. Finally he administered a few tiny injections of Botox directly into the muscles that caused my lines and wrinkles and the treatment took less than 10 minutes. Within days I noticed a markedly reduced appearance in the lines and wrinkles on my forehead, and around the eye area. Two weeks later when I dropped by for a follow up I had a fresher face to start the year and within any luck I’ll remain line-free for months to come.

Tester: Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide.
Verdict:‘Fresh face to start the year’
Price: £199 for one area, £299 for two areas £399 for three areas.
Available: The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa 102 Harley Street London W1G 7JB
0207 486 5009. For more information on The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa at Canary Wharf call 0207 486 5009 or visit:

1. Botox Being Injected To Eye Area

2. Harley Street

3. Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide

4. Dr Lucca Russo

5. Smoother, line free eye area.

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