Dr. Dray – The Crown Lift

‘It’s impossible to turn back the hands of time …..but Dr Dray can reduce their speed’

By now, smart guys know that using an SPF (sun protection factor) can reduce the onset of fine lines and wrinkles! Crucially they are also beginning to realize that skin care alone is sometimes not enough to reduce the signs of the aging process. Looking ‘well rested’ can be crucial for men as well as women if they are competing in the fast paced world of business. So what’s to be done if we look in the mirror and it’s clear that our faces are taking a little longer to wake up in the morning?

Luckily renowned Gerontologist Dr Dray is on hand, and this pioneer of cosmetic medicine has 25 years of experience which he uses to produce first class natural looking results, no wonder he has earned worldwide fame and recognition! Happliy for the guys at The Grooming Guide he extends these cutting edge treatments to men as well as women and I was personally invited to take part in one of his customised programmes at his London clinic.

After my initial consultation we decided that I would benefit from ‘The Crown Lift’ favoured by men and dubbed by Dr Dray himself as ‘ a more natural alternative to Botox’ I was prepped and Dr Dray injected Hyaluronic Acid along my hair line and just behind my ear area in a process which was specially customised and administered to my face. I can’t say the process was without pain but it was speedy and immediately I could see how this technique had pulled my temple area back and up!

The result was natural looking and rather like a more rested looking me. I was pleased to learn that the Hyaluronic Acid used was non-allergenic biocompatible and biodegradable so my new fresher looking face will fade gradually over time . Clearly it’s impossible to turn back the hands of time but now at least Dr Dray is on hand to rapidly reduce their speed!

Tester: Nick Cox editor of The Grooming Guide

Verdict: ‘cutting edge anti- ageing treatment with natural looking results’

Price: £400-£450, depending on the individual.
Available: Clinic Dray, 11b Albert Place, London, W8 5PD. +44 (0)207 937 1031 http://drdray.co.uk/

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