Crowtox Treatment by Dr Ariel Haus
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Crowtox Treatment

Dr. Ariel Haus – Crowtox Treatment

‘Watch the years roll back and the compliments roll in!’

Ageing may be inevitable, but surely it’s what we choose to do about it that really counts? In women AND men often the delicate eye area is the first place to show signs of wear and tear, no wonder that treatments in that area can be real game changers. Currently one of the best is Dr Ariel Haus’ ‘Crowtox’ treatment!

By strategically placing muscle relaxant in selected spots around the eye area Dr Haus aims to diminish wrinkles and fine lines and crucially provide his clients with natural looking results. Intrigued? I was! So I joined the increasing number of men who are dropping by his Harley Street Clinic…. but could I check my wrinkles at the door?

After setting me at ease with a warm Brasilian welcome ( yes he also works out of Rio de Janeiro’ Dr Haus analysed my eye area and his nurse then applied dabs of anesthetic cream. After a few minutes the cream had taken effect and Ariel carefully administered a series of injections around each eye and after a few painless minutes my treatment was done!

As for the results, with this treatment they are not immediate but over the next couple of weeks I watched intently as the wrinkles around my eyes began to fade. As the years rolled back the compliments rolled in and I looked more rested and even more alert! Crucially the results of this treatment were natural, I had normal movement and looked like an improved version of my former self. No wonder an increasing number of men are beating a path to his door!

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide
Verdict: ‘simple and effective grooming game changer’
Price: £190
Available: 10 Harley Street,London W1G 9PF
Tel: +44 207 467 1525

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