Dr Haus' Harley Street Clinic
Dr Ariel Haus
Grooming Guide Editor - Nick Cox
CoolSculpting Machine
Inside the clinic
Harley Street Front Door
Winter Freeze
Grooming Guide Editor - Nick Cox

Dr Ariel Haus – CoolSculpting

‘If you can’t beat the winter freeze, join it!’ 

Here at Grooming Towers, if we had to name one practitioner who we would trust to take care of our skincare woes, it would be Dr Ariel Haus. Bringing world-renowned Brazilian dermatological techniques to London, he is truly passionate about men’s skin and appearance. His treatments are non-invasive, meaning that Dr Haus creates results without putting you under the knife, we’re sold! One such treatment is ‘CoolSculpting’, read on…

From the moment you step into Dr Haus’ Harley Street clinic, you can’t help but notice the air of professionalism which instantly sets you at ease, as the latest technology combined with expert hands guide you through the procedure.

CoolSculpting is one of Dr Haus’ most popular treatments, as the procedure uses fat freezing technology to target areas of the body, killing fat cells with targeted precision so as to leave the outer surface of the skin undamaged. Due to the unique precision of the treatment, it can be used to target different areas of the body as required.

During the treatment I did not experience any discomfort, though it was very, very cold! Afterwards, it is worth commenting that the immediate results were not the most noticeable, but the effects continued to develop over the coming weeks and months as my body naturally metabolised the dead fat cells away from the targeted areas, and the results were worth the wait!

This innovative treatment has continued to work on my body since the procedure, and it is safe to say that the results are impressive! Like most guys, I favour treatments which deliver visible results and Dr Haus has done just that.

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide
Verdict: ‘Fabulous freezing to produce lasting results’
Price: Starting from £800 per treatment
Available: 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF drhaus@drhausdermatology.com or call 0207 323 6559 Follow Dr Haus on facebook at: facebook.com/drhausdermatology

1. Dr Haus' Harley Street Clinic

2. Dr Ariel Haus

3. Grooming Guide Editor - Nick Cox

4. CoolSculpting Machine

5. Inside the clinic

6. Harley Street Front Door

7. Winter Freeze

8. Grooming Guide Editor - Nick Cox

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