Dr Ariel Haus
Dr Haus' London clinic can be found at no. 10 Harley Street
Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide
Dr Haus at the American Academy of Dermatology Conference
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Dr Ariel Haus – Caboxytherapy & Sublative Rejuven-Eyes

‘Men are finally losing their skin-hibitions….’ 

Sure a visit to the dermatologist might not be the ‘topic du jour’ at the pub or even over coffee, but rest assured some men are finally losing their skin-hibitions! I’m one of them and when I want to look tighter and brighter I head to see Dr Ariel Haus. He is passionate about skin and through a combination of non and minimally invasive procedures, he helps patients like me feel positive and confident about their skin. Sure he performs an impressive raft of state of the art procedures, but there is also a firm emphasis on aftercare.

I had two procedures in tandem and the first was Carboxytherapy. This involved the injection of a small amount of carbon dioxide gas just beneath my skin’s surface (eye area) and it delivered results by increasing the oxygen flow to this area. (Carbon dioxide is produced by the body naturally, and should not be confused with the potentially fatal carbon monoxide!) This is a popular treatment for dark under-eye ‘bags’ often caused by poor circulation beneath the lower eyelids. I found it to be a minimally-invasive pain free treatment, what’s more it was performed in around 5 minutes with no downtime. Following treatment my skin texture and the contour around the eyes improved and hey presto no dark circles. Between 2-4 treatments are usually required.

The second treatment I sampled was Sublative Rejuven-eyes. Syneron-Candela has unveiled their latest technologically advanced treatment to ‘provide the windows to our souls’ with a dramatically rejuvenated appearance. Sublative Rejuven-eyes works on wrinkles and lax skin offering fine line and wrinkle reduction, a more uniform, smooth skin surface and a tighter, lifted brow. The treatment is highly effective, safe and technologically proven, specifically targeting the surface of the skin through fractional skin resurfacing. This procedure also requires very little down time. After several dabs of anaesthetic cream had taken effect, Dr Haus used his laser to deliver bi-polar radio frequency energy (via the matrix of electrodes) directly onto to my skin. I felt a series of sharp blasts of heat interspersed with the harmless clicks of the laser, then after repeating the process on the upper and lower lids and around the eyes the treatment was done.

Lasers help achieve outstanding results by stimulating the regeneration of collagen and improving skin elasticity and texture. I opted for a treatment around my eyes with a sublative laser in order to erase fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment causes minimal disruption to the epidermis and is safe and effective on ALL skin types and skin pigmentation.

Dr Haus warned that after the procedure my skin could be sensitive, and I did leave slightly red faced. That said Dr Haus’ doesn’t consider his work done until the client is 100% satisfied with the results and part of this process involves arming the patient with products to protect the skin and promote optimum results. In my case a cooling lotion and a high strength sun block cream were provided as aftercare. Over the following days and weeks my skin became clearly smoother and more youthful both to the eye and the touch (that will be the increased collage and elastin) Like most guys I favour treatments that give visible results and this treatment did just this.

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide
Verdict:‘risk free results in the eye area’
Price: £390.00 for eye area, £490.00 for mouth and £800.00 for full face.
Available: 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF drhaus@drhausdermatology.com or call 0207 323 6559 Follow Dr Haus on facebook at: facebook.com/drhausdermatology

1. Dr Ariel Haus

2. Dr Haus' London clinic can be found at no. 10 Harley Street

3. Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide

4. Dr Haus at the American Academy of Dermatology Conference

5. Dr Haus aftercare products

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