Doctor Veronique Simon Self Portrait
Dr Veronique Simon Gold Acid Free Micropeel £120.00
Doctor Veronique Simon
Dr Veronique Simon Diamond Duo £135.00
Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide

Doctor Veronique Simon – Anti Slackening Mesotherapy

‘Naturalistic anti-ageing from the hand of an artist’

Does your face look like it needs a holiday EVERY Friday? If so, you’re probably searching for a skin treatment that helps you look rested and relaxed. An increasing number of guys want to fight the signs of ageing and don’t know how, some are visiting dermatologists but it’s often a mine field full of conflicting advice, so I’ve been trying the latest anti-ageing treatments.

My first stop Dr Veronique Simon who has 28 years experience as a skincare MD & PHD and with a wealth of knowledge in naturalistic anti-ageing Doctor Veronique Simon is dermatologist to the French A-list, and now also practising in Britain, with a strong male clientele on this side of the channel. Crucially far from a ‘one treatment suits all’ approach every procedure Doctor Simon undertakes is bespoke in the style of haute couture and she enhances complexions by choosing from a myriad range of small corrective treatments and combinations of mesotherapy.


AIM: The Anti-slackening mesotherapy consists of a series of injections of Hyaluronic Acid, Tricalcic Phosphate, Oligoelements (Magnesium, Conjonctyl), and Vitamins (most notably, Vitamin C), their aim being to immediately and visibly firm the skin. Interestingly Tricalcic Phosphate is being used more frequently in mainstream medicine particularly in orthopedics, as its use produces neocollagen, which can strengthen joints. This biodegradable product can also do great things for the face by creating a fibrous firming effect.

TREATMENT: I had multiple injections over a period of an hour and was actually surprised by how painless they are despite their frequency. Infact the doctor freezes each area prior to injecting with ice. She works into the oval of the face, in the ‘valley of tears’ (under eye area) as well as at the medium point of the neck (apparently this can delay the need for a face-lift) She moves and sculpts the face with the hands of an artist (she also draws and paints) with such dextrosity that the effect is actually therapeutic, I feel relaxed and know I am in good hands. As I leave Doctor Simon gives me her Diamond Lift Serum / Gold Acid Free Micropeel products so I can carry on her good work at home.

EFFECT: Immediately my face seems more youthful and subtly so, initially it’s a little swollen and slightly red but it actually calms down enough in 20 minutes for me to attend an evening meeting. Over the following days (I notice but no-one else can) that my skin appears slight fuller but also tighter with a slightly lifted effect. Crucially the results are subtle and natural, I look more rested in the morning AND in the evenings, what’s not to love about a fresher more youthful appearance!


Tester: Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide
Verdict: ‘effective, man friendly, anti-ageing treatments’
Price: Both treatments are £440 & are administered according to individual client requirements
Available: For further information or to book a consultation with Dr Veronique call: 020 7235 0679

1. Doctor Veronique Simon Self Portrait

2. Dr Veronique Simon Gold Acid Free Micropeel £120.00

3. Doctor Veronique Simon

4. Dr Veronique Simon Diamond Duo £135.00

5. Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide

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