Dr Aoife Naughton Performing Sofwave.
Nick Cox - Editor The Grooming Guide Post Treatment.
The Sofwave Magic Begins.
The Clinic Holland Park Exterior.
Sofwave at The Clinic Holland Park.
The Sofwave Apparatus.

The Clinic Holland Park – Sofwave Treatment

‘Collagen boosting skin saviour!’

No-one can stop the hands of time, but it is possible to slow their ticking. I know because I recently visited The Clinic at Holland Park to sample their revolutionary ‘Sofwave’ treatment.

Whilst I was waiting for spring my face was still stuck in winter, looking decidedly dull with the on set of wrinkles and laxity. I had no idea that collagen levels started to dip from the age of 25 onwards! So action was needed. Happily collagen stimulating skin treatments can help as they can prevent, and also correct, signs of ageing. Sofwave is quite simply the best non-invasive treatment to lift, rejuvenate, and say adios to sagging skin and wrinkles.

Sofwave is a revolutionary ultrasound device which works by heating the tissues to between 60-70 degrees celsius, a quick blast which tricks the body into the production of new collagen. Its unparalleled ‘Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam’ (SUPERB™) technology is designed can tackle large areas of the skin with minimal discomfort.

Prior to the treatment Dr Naughton applied a topical numbing cream to the treatment area, in my case above the brows, Once the cream had worked its magic she placed the handheld device (attached to the Sofwave apparatus) against the skin and then each area was heated. If I’m honest on occasion there was a sharp stinging sensation, then happily the machine would beep indication that that the ‘pass’ over that area was complete.

In terms of the time frame for expected results, this can take from around six weeks and last for nine to twentyfou months. In my case I am thrilled to see that there was an immediate visible change to the appearance of my sunken brows which were (and have remained) lifted. Another win was that post treatment there was no down time and I was able to go back to work immediately

Thank you to Dr Aoife Naughton and the team at The Clinic Holland Park for your expert knowledge, attentive service and for introducing me to another groundbreaking age-busting treatment..I’ll be back!

Verdict: ‘A collagen boosting skin saviour’

Price: Explore and book your Sofwave treatment here.

Available: The Clinic Holland Park, 142-144 Holland Park Ave, London W11 4UE. Telephone: 020 3998 2600 Email:reception@theclinichollandpark.com

1. Dr Aoife Naughton Performing Sofwave.

2. Nick Cox - Editor The Grooming Guide Post Treatment.

3. The Sofwave Magic Begins.

4. The Clinic Holland Park Exterior.

5. Sofwave at The Clinic Holland Park..

6. The Softwave Apparatus.

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