Botox Treatment

“erase wrinkles and fine lines”

Here at The Grooming Guide we thought that it might be time to introduce you to Botox, one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments available! Botox is a drug prepared from the bacterial toxin botulin, which is used to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. This agent can also selectively relax skin that would normally pull down to produce a lifting effect. Here at The Grooming Guide, we know it’s all about selective use, and in the hands of a qualified, expert practitioner such as Elizabeth Dancey at the Bijoux Medi Spa. We must stress that it is important to complete a medical history and have a consultation prior to treatment.

Who is choosing this treatment and why?
You would be surprised! Basically men of all ages, who want to look at the top of their game and appear fresher and more rested. Botox has recently become increasingly popular amongst with men who find that deep frown lines give their face a hard appearance. Not only can it minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles it can also controls sweating. Let’s be clear used correctly Botox correctly should never inhibit facial movement. After my consultation it was suggested I should have a small amount between my brows, both to inhibit my frown and also raise my brows a little.

Keep your cool
Everyone knows that excessive sweating can have an direct effect on personal confidence. Certain men particularly in the business world need to appear cool and calm, no matter what the world throws at them! This is possible with the selective use of Botox. Key areas for treatment are the armpit and occasionally the hands, with effects lasting typically between 4-6 months. So say goodbye to sweaty palms and soaked shirts guys!

Is it dangerous?
When injected by an expert in a precise and managed way, problems are rare. Botox is a comparatively safe treatment, and what little risks there are largely relate to the site of injection. If any mistakes are made they will not be long lasting as it wears off naturally. This may mean small red spots or localised bruising which usually lasts no longer more than 24-48hrs. Usually its even possible to straight back to work unnoticed. In my case it was as simple as six injections which were swift and totally pain free.

Where can I have the treatment?
The people that are legally permitted to provide Botox injections are doctors, surgeons, and certain cosmetic practioners. We say that the quality of your treatment will be directly related to the person who performs it. Take a look around, your local hairdresser for example may not have the lightness of touch, or indeed the experienced eye of a leading aesthetic professional. With their help consider three areas; the vertical frown lines which form between your eyebrows, horizontal worry lines above your eyebrows and lastly the small smile lines that form at the edges of all our eyes when we smile. It’s worth noting that all good professionals will do an initial dose then follow this up with a top-up in a few weeks if required.

What are the results?
I didn’t see anything immediately, but after a few days I gradually noticed less muscle movement, and a reduction in forehead lines. Here at The Grooming Guide we know that a good professional always errs on the side of slight under correction. My optimum results were visible after a fortnight, and that’s when my treatment was be reviewed. I’m happy to say that no top up was needed. Typically results can be expected to last for 4-6 months and from that point I will have a slow return to full movement.

Tester: Daniel Blayne-Businessman

Verdict: “look rested and refreshed”

Price: Typically ranges from £150 – £350 depending on the number of areas you have treated.

Avaialble: Dr Elizabeth Dancey 149 Ebury Street Belgravia, London SW1W 9QN Tel: 0207 730 0765

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