Bliss Spa – Foot Patrol Pedicure Treatment

‘Heaven for tired aching trotters!’

As temperatures rise and men prepare to reveal their feet, well groomed guys know that it’s time to consider a pedicure! Where better than the Pedicure treatment Foot Patrol from Bliss Spa in Chelsea to give tired looking toes an overhaul. Having been billed as the ‘ultimate pedicure on callus buffing, sloughing, softening and soothing’ here at The Grooming Guide we decided to put it through it’s paces!

An early appointment at 9.30am meant I was the first to take the chair and receive all the attention from a very lovely technician. When I was initially faced with a conveyor belt of tools and appliances wrapped in their own sanitizer bag I could have been in a doctor’s surgery, except for the fact that I was resting on a comfy padded leather chair, with additional padded pillows! Even better Before beginning my pedicure, I managed to plough my way through the extensive tea menu that Bliss Spa offers, quite appropriate given the time of day.

When the treatment started my technician got to work on my feet so with such vigour that I felt it right through to the top of my head! When she applied a liquid fruit acid gel called the Callous Conqueror it helped to dissolve any lingering dead skin; this was followed by a clear bag which was put over my feet to keep everything in place. Next my feet were massaged with a blue hot salt scrub, which left my feet tingling. Just as I was thinking that my feet hadn’t received as much attention or felt as soft since I was a newborn I was instructed to dip my feet into a hot paraffin pack! Not only did it help to soften the skin even further, it made me so relaxed that I had to fight the urge to fall asleep. Finally with the seamless removal of the wax my feet were left in tiptop condition.

This has to be one of the most luxurious man friendly pedicures in the capital, and with Bliss Spa also offering a host of culinary delights from a cheese board to delicious brownies…I only have one remaining question, when can I move in?

Treatment: ‘Bliss Spa Foot Patrol Pedicure’

Tester: Nene Granville – Account Director

Verdict: ‘Like taking your feet for a well-deserved holiday’

Price: £81.70 for a 90-minute treatment

Available: Bliss London, 60 Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3DD. Tel: 02075906146. Web: www.blissworld.co.uk/spa/spa-411/locations/bliss-london.aspx

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