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Bijoux Medi Spa – Skin Rev PRX

‘The peel with no downtime!’

For all those who can’t resist the temptation of an anti-wrinkle injection here and a hit of silicone there, Bijoux Medi-Spa’s Skin Rev PRX, also known as PRX T33, is the perfect treatment for you, described by its creators as ‘the most exciting treatment to be launched since Fillers and Botox’.

Created by an Italian dermatologist and receiving its patent in 2006, Dr. Elisabeth Dancey has decided to launch this treatment exclusively in the UK at Bijoux Medi – Spa Belgravia.

This treatment contains a mixture of TCA, a peeling acid at 33% and a low dose of hydrogen peroxide. So what’s the science? Remarkably, the hydrogen peroxide functions at a low dosage to protect the epidermis, allowing the TCA to pass through the epidermal layers of the skin to reach the underlying dermis. Once in the dermis, the TCA is sufficiently active to stimulate growth and repair the skin and underlying support tissues.

My treatment was speedy taking approximately 30 minutes, which makes it perfect for a lunch break. It was as simple as the lotion being applied to my cleansed skin, washed off and then followed by a gentle, soothing cream. Whilst it is recommended that in order to obtain the best results, you must get 1 treatment per week for 3 weeks.

I saw immediate results which improved over the following week. The aim is skin with a tighter, plumper and more resilient finish, and all without having to suffer any pain or needles to achieve these desired results. So if you are a victim of sun damage, scarring, stretch marks or pigmentation, this treatment really is worth the pennies. It provided promising, permanent changes to the quality of my skin and left it rejuvenated and revitalised.

By Ella Bull with contributions by Nick Cox

Tester: Nick Cox
Treatment: Skin Rev PRX/PRX T33
Verdict: ‘a tight, plump and more resilient finish’
Price: £360 for treatment 1 and £280 each for treatments 2 and 3
Availability: www.bijoux-medispa.co.uk

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