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‘Looking for a stress busting back massage? Then look no further!’

What’s a man to do if sport or even simply day to day living causes postural problems and muscle strain? Well, if you are practical and pragmatic chap may we suggest a trip to Anamaya? This stylish male friendly space is tucked away off High Street Kensington, and it’s a one stop shop for wellbeing! As well as quality massages it uses bodywork therapies drawn from Eastern and Western modalities, as well as techniques of energy, emotional and psychotherapy. Crucilly it’s also results orientated, which is just the way we like things here at The Grooming Guide!

From the extensive therapies list I chose a sports massage due to postural problems brought on by traveling. My practitioner Shaun Gilmore was well qualified for the job, having worked with the Irish Senior Rugby Team and treated countless patients with postural and mobility issues. Once stripped to my boxers Shaun analyzed my posture and then created a tailor made treatment which used massage techniques as well as stretching exercises to get to the root of the problem. Over a period of an hour my body was massaged and stretched into submission. After my session I was able to walk tall, and I also noticed that I had regained some serenity and sense of well being.

Crucially at Anamaya the practitioners often seek to address not just clients issues, but the root causes of these issues – such as stress, anxiety and depression. My experience was no different, as my massage at Anamaya went well beyond simply addressing the aches and pains that had crept up on me!

Treatment: Sports Massage

Tester: Nick Cox Editor The Grooming Guide

Verdict: ‘one stop shop for well being’

Price: £80 for 60 mins

Available: Anamaya, 1 Adam & Eve Mews, Kensington, W8 6UG London. +44 (20) 3011-0355 anamaya.co.uk

Additional Research: A. Georgakopoulou

1. Anamaya Reception

2. Anamaya Relaxation Room

3. Anamaya Exterior

4. Anamaya Treatment Room

5. Shaun Gilmore, Massage/Sports Massage/Sports Therapy Practitioner

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