Accent XL Body Contouring & Skin Tightening for Men

Here at The Grooming Guide we know that guys respond well to treatments that show results. Accent XL falls into this category, so when we were invited to trial Accent XL at The Bijoux Medi Spa we leapt at the chance. Dr Elisbath Dancey and her team have been treating men and women of all ages since 1993 and have experience of most non-surgical beauty techniques, they select the best products, the best devices and the best techniques.

Dr Dancey explained that tightening the skin can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite in women and can also improve body contour in men, in my case think jowls and love handles! Many guys notice signs of aging when skin begins to sag around the face and neck. So could Accent XL tighten skin and reduce unwanted fatty areas, such as, the jowls and under the chin? The answer is undoubtedly, yes!

So how does it work?
Radiofrequency heats the tissues in order to “shrink” them back to their original  length. The radiofrequency energy targets the fat cells in the skin and the resulting fat fluid is then absorbed by the body and excreted. Does it hurt? No! The heat emitted actually stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen which results in fuller, plumper looking skin and a better contour.

The Treatment
The treatment itself was relaxing and felt like a warm wand being passed over the skin, the built in cooling feature reduced any discomfort. I had three treatments are in quick succession (one per week for three weeks) after which Dr Dancey suggested that one session every three months for maintenance.

The Results
The results were surprising! I had the area under my eyes and chin worked upon. After the initial treatment, my double chin appeared to have slightly retracted and upon completion skin was taught and chin more defined. The area around my eyes greatly improved, wrinkles and fine lines were not just held at bay the actually improved, giving a youthful and healthy appearance. Accent XL is also an effective treatment for spot fat reduction. By targeting only the areas that need the reduction or smoothing – the body can be reshaped and contoured without liposuction or other expensive, invasive surgical procedures.

Bijoux Medi Spa has been welcoming a regular band of pioneering men for many years. Forward thinking, they realise that men are catching up with women and demanding many of the same cosmetic treatments and treatments for the frown area, acne scars, skin quality and hair removal have topped the list. Thank you Dr Dancey!

Verdict: “pratical solution for sagging skin anywhere”

Price: Average treatment cost £200 per area per treatment.

Available: Bijoux Medi-Spa 149 Ebury Street Belgravia, London SW1W 9QN
Tel: 020 773 007 65

Bijoux Medi-Spa Peter Sanders Dental Confidence Westwood Road, Southampton SO17
Tel: 02380 328900


1. Torso after three Accent XL sessions

2. Accent XL Wand

3. Bijoux Medi Spa interior

4. Dr Elisabeth Dancey

5. Accent XL Machine

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