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Absolute Aesthetics – Pelleve

‘Hello…brighter, tighter skin!’

When I start to flag and my skin starts to sag it’s my mission to search out new treatments that will leave me looking and feeling fresher! I’ve been heading straight to Absolute Aesthetics at their convenient location in W1, with Pelleve being my treatment of choice! This non-invasive procedure uses a radio frequency system to tackle wrinkles and fine lines. Its aim is to firm up the skin and leave it feeling both smoother and tighter, so does it work?

Well each session lasts for about one hour, depending on the area with a radio frequency handpiece being passed over my upper face until it reached the desired temperature. The treatment functions by building collagen in the skin. The use of heat actually makes collagen bundles within the skin contract, and encourages the production of new collagen, with effects lasting for around six months. Like most men I love results-driven treatments, so if I told you that clinical trials show that 90% of patients monitored showed a marked improvement in their appearance after six month period..have I got your attention?

The next day my skin felt physically tighter and brighter and after a course of three treatments, friends and colleagues commented on my fresher and more rested appearance. Personally, I noticed improved skin elasticity and a marked reduction in both my lines and wrinkles and with no need for aesthetic, downtime or any period of recovery. Pelleve at Absolute Aesthetics may not be able to stop the hands of time but they certainly slow down their ticking!

N.B Please note that as with most skin treatments, the use of a good quality protective sunblock and avoiding extreme heat/cold were suggested as well as information on the appropriate skincare to help maximise and maintain my results.

Nick Cox with contributions by James Linton

Treatment: Pelleve Radiotherapy treatment
Verdict: ‘The closest thing to the Fountain of Youth’
Price: From £540 for three 45-60min treatments
Available: One Chapel Place, London, W1G 0BG and 1 Stirling House, Stirling Road, Guildford
Book now: 020 3757 7178 and 01483 477189/01483 477194

1. Nick Cox - Editor, The Grooming Guide

2. Absolute Aesthetics Exterior

3. Treatment Room

4. Nick Cox - Pelleve In Progress

5. Vikki Smith in Treatment Room

6. Electrolysis treatment

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