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Absolute Aesthetics – Botox Treatment

‘Slowing the hands of time!’

Over the years I’ve sampled various Botox treatments in London and elsewhere, yet from the moment I stepped inside Absolute Aesthetics the experience felt different. The undivided attention paid to patients as well as a desire to impart information about the Botox process both impressed me. Before the treatment, my therapist took time to explain the composition of facial muscles, their interaction and function, as well as studying my face and discussing how the treatment may benefit me.The clinic is centrally located a stones throw from Bond Street and the male friendly environment also set me at ease. I felt relaxed enough to ask any questions that I may have about the process.

A few tiny injections of Botox were administered directly into the muscles that caused the lines and wrinkles around my eyes and the whole process took less than 20 minutes. Sure it’s impossible to stop the hands of time ticking completely, but for those who are keen to slow the signs of ageing, or just look more rested then this could be the perfect solution.

I left feeling relaxed and over the next couple of weeks the reduction of the lines and winkles around the eye area was noticeable. A key factor for the success of Botox treatment (particularly in the eye area) is a natural look and since my visit to Absolute Aesthetics, my face appears more line free and revived, lets just say ‘fresh’ is the word here..and I’m thrilled with the results!

Tester: Nick Cox, Editor The Grooming Guide.
Verdict: ‘natural looking, wrinkle free results’
Price: Approx £200-400 – enquire by calling 02037577178 or email info@absoluteaesthetics.co.uk, http://absoluteaesthetics.co.uk/
Available: Absolute Aesthetics, 1 Chapel Place, Marylebone, London, W1C 1HF

Natasha Howe

1. Absolute Aesthetics

2. Botox being injected to eye area

3. Nick Cox, Editor, The Grooming Guide

4. Absolute Aesthetics Interior

5. Absolute Aesthetics Logo

6. Absolute Aesthetics Brochures

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