1. Wash

“Great skin is clean skin and the cornerstone of looking well groomed”

When a guy looks good it is often because he understands the mechanics of good cleansing. Clean, healthy skin, means removing both the excess waste and oils excreted through the skins pores and also atmospheric pollution.

Look rugged but not rough by combining the daily use of a face wash and moisturiser with the occasional addition of scrub/exfoliator. Follow our three easy steps.


DITCH THE SOAP its time to wash well. Should we really be using the same product on our butt, feet and face? Facial skin is delicate and regular soap can dry it out and damage its natural healthy appearance. Replace your soap with a liquid wash that will clean your skin gently and thoroughly.

WAKE UP to the benefits of a good facial cleanser. Skin is naturally acidic ( around PH 6) whereas soap is alkaline. The new generation of facial cleansers are closer to our skins ph level and will leave it feeling refreshed and relaxed never dry and tight.



– Use morning and night.

– Wet face first with water.

– Squeeze a coin sized amount into your palm and add the same amount of water.   – Lather

– Massage foaming facial wash into wet face taking care near eyes. Don’t forget your neck and ear area!

– Rinse thoroughly with clean running water several times to remove residue.

– Pat dry.



1. Clarinsmen Active Wash Foaming Gel
£17.87 clarins.com
"Great non drying formulation that is suitable for all skin types."

2. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Facial Wash
£17 250ml Selfridges
"Packs a punch with with caffeine and menthol, a great wake up wash."

3. Kyoku Daily Facial Cleanser
£19 100ml houseoffraser.com
"Fantastic herbal formulation that promotes skin regeneration."

4. Soap and Glory Fresh Man
£4.07 150ml soapandglory.com and Boots
"Best suited to oily/combination skin and pre shave prep."

5. MLab anti ageing brightening cleanser
£50 177ml harrods.com
"Powerful enzyme action with cleansing beads perfect for mature skin."

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