3. Moisturise

“Moisturiser makes a difference to skin quality. It wards of premature ageing, gives a glow and sexy smooth appearance”

A good moisturiser is crucial to a good skin care regime. Moisturisers help to keep the skin elastic as well as less prone to dryness and wrinkles

PROTECT your skin through daily use of a moisturiser. It will act as a barrier against atmospheric elements. Its simple its speedy and it can make a real difference.

REFRESH nightly by applying before bed (after drinking a large glass of water) You will wake up looking rested and energised for the day ahead

STOP THE CLOCK by choosing a moisturiser with SPF ( sun protection factor)

It is one of the best ways of warding off lines crows feet and the effects of premature ageing. After all if you don’t always act your age why should you have to look it?



1. Henry Lloyd Ocean Mineral Moisturiser
£18.40 75ml henrilloyd.com and Henri Lloyd stores nationwide
"Mineral packed formula which benefits from an SPF"

2. Clinique Maximum Hydrator
£25.50 50ml cliniqueformen.co.uk
"Powerful fine line reducer"

3. The Real Shaving Co.
£4.99 100ml realshaving.com available in Boots from April
"Great value heritage product"

4. Shiseido Moisturiser Recovery Cream
£37 50ml shiseido.co.uk
"Best product for rough skin"

5. Nivea for Men Rehydrating Moisturiser
£6.29 75ml boots.com
"Great shine free finish"

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