Get A Wet Shave

“Shaving is not instinctive knowledge. a well groomed male will need to learn how to shave properly.”

The Wet Shave is once again rising in popularity. Using a cut throat razor is not for the faint hearted. We suggest you read and print out the tips below.

HOT WATER and warmth are essential to have an effective shave. Actually the best time to shave is actually after a bath or shower. Warm skin is more relaxed and easier to shave and use of warm water will soften the beard making it easier to cut. Ideally steam your face by soaking a small towel in hot water, squeezing off the excess moisture and cocooning your face for 30 seconds before removing the towel.

FEED YOUR FACE For the optimum smooth shave do this by applying a glycerine-based skin food. It will not only protect the skin, (perfect for guys with sensitive skin), but it will enable the silky smooth glide of razor against skin.

LATHER UP your shaving cream, or put your soap to work. For both the ideal implement is a badger shaving brush. With cream, place in the palm of the hand and then introduce your hot wet brush in circular motions to obtain the perfect lather. With soap work the wet hot brush to produce the same result. Next on a wet face apply the lather in circular motions again taking care to lift the hairs.

BUY A BLADE and make sure to invest in one that is good quality. Warm your blade under free flowing hot water. Shave in the direction of your beard growth and rinse your blade frequently. Never shave against the grain of your beard as it will cause ‘razor burn’, in-grown hairs and shaving rash. In awkward areas (chin, under the nose etc) move the blade sideways across the growth instead.

Finally make sure to rinse your face thoroughly with cool water and then pat dry with a clean towel.

Its a little known fact that shaving is actually great for the skin, it both cleans and exfoliates. Done correctly it will reveal fresh smooth skin and give a brighter cleaner appearance.

Never apply aftershave post shave, more often than not it will dry the skin out and cause redness. Choose an alcohol free balm instead. Finally protect your newly revealed skin with a moisturiser containing SFP


1. Alcohol Free Aftershave Balm
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2. Rituals Shaving Brush Wood
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3. Shaving Soap in a Dish
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4. Cut Throat Razor by Baxter of California
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5. Glycerin based food skin for shaving Geo F Trumper
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