Get A Manicure

“Unkempt nails are the equivalent of a creased shirt or stained teeth” Marian Newman

Here at the Grooming Guide we know that most men won’t sit having a manicure on a regular basis. We also know that for us unkempt nails are the equivalent of a creased shirt or stained teeth. Nails say a lot about personal hygiene. Be warned the women that used to assess a guy by the cleanliness of his shoes are now looking at his hands.

NAIL IT completely by having at least one manicure and then maintaining it at home. Pay attention to what is being done in our video and how the tools are used The items needed to maintain healthy, groomed hands and nails at home are a nail brush, orange sticks, emery board, nail buffer, nail filer, and fingernail clipper.

ITS AS SIMPLE as using the orange stick daily to clean underneath your nails. Then rub in hand cream to stop hard skin, cracking and overgrowth of the cuticles. File nails weekly to keep their length in check and shape neat. Finally scrub with a nail brush when bathing to keep nails clean and cuticles in shape

SLICE A lemon in half and twist your fingers back and forth into the lemon to clean your cuticles and your nails. The bleaching and cleaning properties of the lemon leave your hands and nails smelling fresh and clean.

Taking care of your nails can prevent painful cracking and bleeding, particularly during the winter months when the air is dry.


1. Essentials Manicure Sticks
£1.23 Boots

2. Diamon Dust Nail File
£3.95 Taylor of Old Bond Street

3. Half a lemon

4. Satin Wood Nail Brush
£17 by Kent

5. Tweezerman Nail Clippers
£10 John Lewis

6. Luxury Hawthorne and Aloe Vera hand cream
£7 Taylor of Old Bond Street

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