Fake Tan

‘The sun is the primary cause of skin aging, so smart guys are faking it!’

By far the safest way to achieve a tan is through ‘sunless’ tanning products. In our book there is nothing wrong with wrinkles on men, but who wants to look rough when they can look rugged? As a rule most men look better with a healthy colour.

HIGH TECH formulas are available that are engineered for the specific needs of men. They create the illusion of radiance and good health, even if our diet and lifestyle would disagree and can be a great alternative for those who burn easily. There are now products available to suit every skin tone and type.

HOT GUYS combine sunless tanning products with high protection factors ( SFS ) when they are in the sun, if we pay our skin some attention now it will thank us later.

DON’T COMMIT initially. Choose from a range of wash off products first. That way any initial mistakes can be washed down the sink or showered away.

GET IN TRAINING as products with permanent results however do require a little practice when it comes to application. Follow our simple steps for best results

– First test the product on an unexposed area, (inner wrists or arm). See how your skin reacts to it

– Choose a self tanner to suit your skin tone, then wash and exfoliate your face and body thoroughly before applying the product. This stops the tan being uneven and blotchy.

– On your face apply more heavily on the upper cheeks, forehead and nose, this will give the effect of a natural tan

– If applying to the body remember to pay attention to any areas that may be prone to dryness (elbows ,knees etc) they should be avoided

– Wash your hands thoroughly during and after application

-Don’t get dressed for at least 15 minutes after applying the product,

It will take most products two to five hours in order to see the full effect.

1. Clinique for Men Non-Streak Bronzer
£16 60ml cliniqueformen.co.uk
"Perfect natural looking colour for the face."

2. Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid and Mitt
£20 148ml fakebake.co.uk
"Streak free formulation, kind to skin and sheets"

3. Modelco Airbrush
£20 250ml spacenk.co.uk
"Best tan in a can with easy application"

4. St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion
£12.26 150ml leading retailers and larger boots stores
"The classic, suitable for all skin tones."

5. Xen-Tan Face Tan
£16.99 80ml xen-tan.co.uk
"Best for gradual build up"

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