Award Winning Skin

Oscars or no oscars, we all have those events where we need to look our best! Here is our guide to 5-star grooming fit for any red carpet Hollywood to Harlesden trid and tested these are the products that will get you …its about the regime you had and amplifiying

FACIAL a week in advance Treat yourself to a facial to balance and recover elasticity. It is convenient to have the treatment few days before the big day so your skin will have time to recover from any possible breakouts.

two days SCRUB Using a soft face SCRUB 2 DAYS BEFORE to get rid of dead skin cells as well as brighten your natural skin colour.not on the night will cause redness

Elemis, energising Skin Scrub

WASH EVERY MORNING your face is the first step to bright skin! Slew off the remains of the day with a gentle wash at night it is important to rid your skin of any dirt, grime or pollution .

Clarins Men Active Face Wash

night before MOISTURISE why not Sleep with a high moisturiser mask the night before of the event so your skin is radiance on the day.

Rodial, Dragons blood hyaluronic mask

secret serum SERUM Finally, on the day start your routine with a tightening serum follow by a brightening cream to shine like a star. the best dont sit on the skin….

link to serums

StriVectin-TL Tightening Face Serum

whilst its ok to shine like a star nonoe want to look like an oily rag…so opt MATTIFY If you have oily skin, it’s important to remember to use a matte brightening cream to control the shine:

Kyoku for Men Oli Control lotion


To add healthiness to your skin you can also incorporate a cream with blends in a gradual, natural-looking colour

Kiehls, Facial Fuel Healthy bronze

Alternatively on the day you can use a powder matte bronze look get that tanned, dewy look:

Guerlain, Teracotta Matt Bronzing Powder pour Homme

This routine is simple enough to be adapted to any big celebrations you have coming up, be it your wedding day or your big business merger.

coming soon award winning hair….

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