skin tips

Award Winning Skin

Oscars or no oscars, we all have those events where we need to look our best! Here is our guide to 5-star grooming fit for any red carpet Hollywood to Harlesden trid and tested these are the products that will … Continue

Summer Skin

Like most guys if I’m given the chance to look and feel my best I jump at the chance! But looking good and feeling great can be tricky once the harsh summer sun starts to beat down…. Continue

John Drysdale/Hutton Archive/Getty Images John Drysdale/Hutton Archive/Getty Images

Keep Fresh / No Sweat

If good grooming means covering the basics then why are guys with under arm sweat patches still topping our Grooming Girls ‘most hated’ list!? It might be pretty basic but many of us are still getting it….. Continue

1. Wash

When a guy looks good it is often because he understands the mechanics of good cleansing. Clean healthy skin, means removing both the excess waste and oils excreted through the skins pores and also atmospheric pollution. Continue

2. Scrub

As a guy matures a face wash alone may not be enough to remove the build up of our dead skin cells,. so invest in a facial scrub/exfoliator. The tiny beads or grains dispersed in liquid will make light work of unclogging pores and sloughing away dead skin debris. Continue

3. Moisturise

A good moisturiser is crucial to a good skin care regime. Moisturisers help to keep the skin elastic as well as less prone to dryness and wrinkles. Continue

Get A Wet Shave

The Wet Shave is once again rising in popularity. Using a cut throat razor is not for the faint hearted. We suggest you watch our video and print out the tips below. Continue

Get A Manicure

We know that most men won’t sit having a manicure on a regular basis. We also know that for us Unkempt nails are the equivalent of a creased shirt or stained teeth. Nails say a lot about personal hygiene. Be warned the women that used to assess a guy by the cleanliness of his shoes is now looking at your hands. Continue

Fake Tan

By far the safest way to achieve a tan are ‘sunless’ tanning products. As men there is nothing wrong with wrinkles in our book, but who wants to look rough when they can look rugged? As a rule most men look better with a healthy colour. Continue