Six of the best: Hair Loss Products

Be honest are you thinning on top? Have you noticed a slowly receding hairline, or a comb that rakes out more hair than usual? Don’t panic, hair loss can affect guys no matter what our age. Thankfully a new range of potent products are available to tackle this issue. Here are six of our tried and tested favourites.

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1. SImon Therapie Gold Hair Care:
£100 for 150ml at
'Uses gold to stimulate microcirculation and fight hair loss'

2. Alpecin Liquid Hair Energizer:
£7.99 for 200ml at Boots
'Awakens roots extending their growth phase, feel it tingle as it goes to work'

3. LAScience Anti Hair Loss Serum:
£29.99 for 50ml from
'Nourishes hair at the root, providing the optimum hair regrowth platform'

4. Regaine for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam:
£69.00 for 180ml ( 3 months supply) from Boots
'Visible regrowth results in 8 short weeks'

5. LAB Series Root Power Restorative Hair Tonic:
£27.00 for 200ml from
'Gentle on the scalp making hair feel thicker and fuller'

6. Vichy Dercos Intensive Treatment:
£41.00 for 12 mono doses of 6ml from
'Makes hair feel thick strong and replenished'