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Six of the best: Skin Practioners

Lotions and potions may work wonders, but there are times, when our skin demands the services of a professional! So here is our current crop of the best, tried and tested, male friendly skin practitioners in the capital. So now you … Continue

Six of the best: Serums

As temperatures plummet here at The Grooming Guide, we thought that it was time to introduce you to the benefits of serums.  These liquid formulations are typically the most potent products in a skincare line, so you will be sure … Continue

Beardcember Inspiration: Six of the best beards

Looking for beardspiration? Look no further! It’s no secret that we love a beard here at The Grooming Guide, and now we’ve whittled down our favourite bearded beauties to bring you six of the best. Hell we’ve even thrown their … Continue

Six of the best: Shaving Creams

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a good shave cream. If a product is going to act as the middle-man between your razor and your precious face, you’re best off looking for the slickest, smoothest and best-smelling middle man … Continue

Six of the Best: Moustache Waxes

Calling all owners of facial hair! Whether you’re a global nomad or anything but, your aim is the same. Tame those taches guys! Twizzle and twirl those disobedient hairs to ensure a look both smooth and sophisticated. We’ve tracked down … Continue

Six of the best: Beard Brushes & Combs

To help you tame and care for those beloved beards we’ve compiled a list of six of the best beard brushes and combs. So whether you’re battling with some unruly undergrowth or having a horrendous hirsute moment we’ve got the … Continue

Six of the Best: Seasonal Soaps

What better way to embrace the festive season than by decking out your bathroom with our favourite seasonal soaps? Whether it’s a bit of spice you’re after, or a maybe a more sensuous, satiny bath accompaniment, this carefully assembled selection … Continue

Six of the best: Beard Oils

A soft and luxuriant beard is something to be proud of! So if you want to look rugged without feeling rough you’ll need to apply decent beard oil and here are our tried and tested favourites. Word of warning greasy chaps … Continue

Six of the best: Hair Styling Products

The correct styling product is every guys secret weapon. Here are six of the best, tried and tested!

Six of the best: Lip Balms

A decent lip balm is something that every guy should have in his grooming armory! With a range of different price points and consistencies, now there’s no excuse for you to not have kissable lips! Here are our tried and tested … Continue