Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue

“My skin is glowing and feels soft like a baldy peach.” Ginge Farrar

Grooming tips and expert recommendations are one thing but nothing beats seeing how products work on real guys. We asked the fine men of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue to head up our first product trial and they rose to the challenge.

Ogwen Valley covers part of the most northerly section of The Snowdonia National Park, North Wales and the terrain can be rough and varied. The mountains surrounding the valley standing at around 1000 metres high, this environment calls for rescue volunteers who are competent in high angle rescue work as well as open terrain search and swift water techniques. Luckily for us these guys were ready for a different type of test.

We gave our team ( Sean, Mark, Ginge, Jim and Paul) just one month to ditch the soap and try our three step test. We wanted to know how these outdoor types would cope with the daily use of face wash and moisturiser with the occasional face scrub thrown in. (N.B Each guy was given the full range of products featured in our Skin Tips section)
Here are the products that came out on top, and in their own words!

Khiels Facial Fuel Gel Cleanser

“I liked this a lot, it didn’t dry my skin out and was nice and fresh on the face” Mark
“Freshens the skin, leaves the face feeling revitalised and less tired.” Jim

Gilette Series 2 Thermal Face Scrub

“My skin is glowing and feels soft like a baldy peach/baby’s bottom” Ginge
” I seem to be attracting more female customers” Sean

Nivea For Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

“It wasn’t too greasy , worked well and a little goes a long way.” Mark
“Great cream but would need a stronger SPF for working in the mountains.” Paul


-No.7 For Men Energising Face Scrub, £8.00 from Boots
“A real sand blasting, did a really good job” Jim

-Clinique Maximum Hydrator, £25.50 for 50ml clinique.co.uk
“Only a small amount is needed, does what it sets out to achieve and leaves the face feeling fresh and smooth” Paul

-Clarins Men Active Facial Wash. £16.80
“Awesome good for guys and girls, nice dispenser and plenty in it” Ginge

(Working independently of the Police but at their request Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team members are all volunteers www.ogwen-rescue.org.uk )

Thanks to: www.alfatreeservices.co.uk

1. Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team

2. Nivea for Men Rehydrating moisturiser £6.29 75ml boots.com

3. Rescue in progress

4. Gillette Series 2 in 1 Thermal Face Scrub £7.99 100ml gillette.com

5. Team member Mark

6. Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash £17 250ml Harrods

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