Yohji Fragrance Range

Yohji Yamamoto – Homme

‘An individual scent that defies definition’

Here at The Grooming Guide  we’ve been craving a more individual fragrance of late, so no wonder our noses started twitching when we heard that Yohji Yamamoto was set to relaunch his first ever men’s fragrance, at Selfridges this month! When he called this offering ‘a scent that follows the funny off-track and avant-garde image of my fashion’ ….he was bang on.

If this fragrance really is an ode to man, then it sure is a clever one because like our myriad personalities it’s difficult to categorize! Somehow it manages to combine both freshness and spice, which means that notes of Rum, Mocha and Coffee  sit  happily alongside Bergamot, Sage, Juniper, Cardamum, and Cedarwood. As if that wasn’t enough Leather, Patchouli and Musk shoulder at its base.

Whether you’re feeling light and casual or even complex and brooding then this fragrance is set to deliver. Clearly when it comes to individual scents clearly this one has it all…..thanks Mr Yamamoto, what’s not to love?!

Verdict: ‘a scent without boundaries’
Price: £50 for 30ml and £60 for 50ml
Available: from 21/6/13 exclusively at Selfridges

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