Y – Yves Saint Laurent

‘Modern masculinity ..bottled!

If masculinity takes many forms… then why are my olfactory options so limited? The scented stereotypes of sporty, fresh or fougere, often say no more than, conform, man up, and bottle up your feelings. Not so with ‘Y’ the latest launch by Yves Saint Laurent, it’s targeted to Generation Y (guys born in the 1980s and 1990s) and to me, it smells like hope!

‘Y’ is a balance between all things potent and aromatic and draws inspiration from the iconic Yves Saint Laurent classic white t-shirt and black jacket. Initial sharp and challenging ‘white shirt’ freshness comes from White Aldehydes, Bergamot and Ginger, and it’s swiftly followed by heart notes of Geranium Absolute. Softer more unusual base notes of Cedar, Fir Balsam and Ambergris are next, and are a modern twist on the masculinity and subtle power of a tailored black jacket.

Sound unusual, well this bold scent certainly challenges convention rather like the faces of the campaign. They are who are hip-hop musician Loyle Carner, AI researcher Alexandre Robicquet and sculptor David Alexander Finn. The bottle itself is also individual, like a piece of modern art it’s fabricated from precision cut glass, and emblazoned with a heavy metal Y, which looks like two outstretched arms. Suzanne Dalton designed this flacon as ‘an expression of purity.’ and it works.

To me this fragrance embodies freedom, independence and a new type of masculinity and it’s perfect for contemporary creatives.. ones who refuse to conform, of course! We say wear it anywhere…just wear it!

By Nick Cox

Verdict: ‘purely masculine’
Price: £53.00 (60ml) £72.00 (100ml)
Availability: Exclusive at Boots from 16th August and Nationwide from 1st September

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