Wash With Joe Coffee/Mint Bodywash

“wake up and feel the coffee”

Imagine starting the day without that first cup of coffee? What if we told you it was possible to get that first caffeine fix in the shower? Well Invigorating Coffee/Mint Bodywash, the latest offering from Wash With Joe, gives you just that opportunity.

Every wired barrista will tell you that caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, and infact the science shows that caffeine may actually be more beneficial if applied externally. Want a buffer bod, then take advantage of it’s tightening and firming qualities? Looking to freshen up, then choose this natural deodorizer which absorbs and eliminates odours without adding any scent of it’s own? Most importantly there is evidence to suggest that this well known antioxidant may also offer powerful anti-carcinogenic benefits.

So what did our guys make of it? Our testers found this wash an invigorating way to kickstart the body, and rewire the mind. It lathers well, cleans efficiently and smells great. Here at The Grooming Guide we appreciate the fact that it is also Paraben free, certified vegan and not tested on bunnies. What’s not to love?

Verdict: “Its time to wake up and feel the coffee”

Price: £24.00 for 473ml

Available: www.thegroomingclinic.com


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