Trussardi – Riflesso

‘Subtle scent with a continental kick’

Are you the kind of guy that would describe yourself as contemporary, while also valuing
heritage and tradition? If so I suggest you search out Riflesso (the latest launch by Trussardi) it is a subtle scent with a continental kick…making it the perfect match for such a creature of contradictions!

Lets start with the bottle…it mirrors the radiator grill of a car (all ribbed glass and chrome accents) so it’s reassuringly familiar. It’s also heavy in the hand, which for me hints at a certain quality…so what of the juice within?

Riflesso is a woody oriental fragrance that is raw and masculine but is also abundantly elegant. With head notes of Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit and Green Apple, first impressions are of a mediterranean cocktail to stir the senses. If the core of a gentleman is his heart then this fragrance mirrors that with a restrained and elegant combination of Geranium, Violet Leaves and Lavender.

Warm base notes of Italian Leather, Vetiver and Tonka Bean echo the masculine charisma of Italian culture. A veritable Atlas of the perfme world:Riflesso proves that there’s nothing wrong with embracing tradition while keeping an eye firmly locked on the future…frankly what’s not to love?!

By James Linton

Verdict: ‘gentle yet continental’
Price: 30ml £47 50ml £57 100ml £77
Availability: Exclusively at Debenhams from 20th August 2017. Nationwide from 10th September

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