Triumph and Disaster – Facial Range

‘Your daily skincare upgrade’

It’s time to be honest! Here at Grooming Towers, we are often swamped with scents, lotions and potions. In fact it’s not unusual for our desks to be groaning under the weight of the latest male offerings in shave and skin. It’s increasingly difficult for a brand to be noticed but Triumph and Disaster has done just that.

Is it the dark, Gothic design? The striking black bottle? Or the efficacious juices within? Well, actually it’s all of those reasons. Firstly, the facial range stands head and shoulders above the competition for a variety of reasons, ease of application, it’s alcohol free, which means that it doesn’t dehydrate your skin. Also, it is jam packed with active ingredients…one of the best is Tasmanian Pepper, which fights against acne and spots. Because, only boys have spots. Not gentlemen.

And if that wasn’t enough then Alpine Willow Herb and Witch Hazel extract are combined to cleanse your pores, reduce inflammation and all around make you feel like a million dollars. What’s left to say? Thanks a lot, Logic! You’re off the shelf and into the washbag!

James Linton

Verdict: ‘gentlemans relish’
Price: Our favourite product of the range is the Toner, which is £26.38

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