Transformulas – Male Friendly Marine Mircales.

When it comes to skincare, like most men, I like to see results. That’s why any lotions and potions that don’t deliver a difference to my skin, quickly get the boot! The latest tool in my grooming armoury is the ‘Transformulas’ range and it’s here to stay thanks to its transformative results!

Founded by Rosi Chapman and designed to give an instant visible skin difference with lasting anti-ageing benefits..quite simply it does what it says on the tin. I really rate their male friendly Marine Miracles offering which contains high grade clinically trialled cosmecutical ingredients.

The Marine Miracle Cream is my new go to moisturiser. It harnesses the natural healing benefits of sea marine ingredients think algae and giant sea kelp and combines them with an advanced rejuvenating formula. The result is a lightweight and luxurious cream which has fought back against my fine lines and wrinkles. Then when it comes to combatting fatigue in the eye zone the Marine Miracle EyeZone has worked wonders on puffiness and dark circles.

Thanks Tansformulas for making me look and feel like a better version of myself. I know that we can’t stop the hands of time but you’ve shown me that with the right skincare, we can slow their ticking!

Price: Transformulas Marine Miracle Cream £97 for 50 ml Transformulas Marine Miracle EyeZone  £49 for 11.4ml.

Verdict: ‘male friendly marine miracles for my mug’

Available: Transformulas Marine Miracles

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