Summer Scent (2)

Let’s be honest, choosing fragrance can be a complex business. Just when you thought it was fine to get fresh with sporty scents, more complex scents come along and seduces us to get down and dirty! Relax it’s fine to be an olfactory swinger and we think that if you’re looking for a unique and interesting fragrance for your collection these are worth exploring.

You may have to educate your nose to increased levels of spice and sophistication, but persevere though and you will soon be celebrating an altogether more complex and intruiging scent that may las the distance longer than sharper fresher offerings. These are my favourites, are you man enough to wear them? They are from left:

1.Tom Daxon – Midnight Saffron £155.00 for 100ml at

With Top Note of Saffron and Base Notes of Amber, this fragrance has pure pulling power, making it the the perfect choice for memorable nights.

2.Dolce&Gabbana – Velvet Oriental Musk £200.00 for 50ml at John Lewis

East meets West and boy meets girl in a monumental fragrance which blends Musk, Ancient Woods and’s high drama and the perfect ode to the isle of Sicily.

3.Pablo – Curionoir £150.00 for 50ml at

Picasso-a-go-go! It’s time to get fresh AND smoky with an artful mix of Lemon and Frankincense, layered with Tobacco Leaves.

4.Art de Parfum – Signature Wild £114.00 for 50ml at

This addictive Oriental Leather fragrance is so boozy, spicy, dark and wild, that it could have blended with me in mind! Unapologetically wild, it is centred on Davana (a rich essential oil distilled from the flowers and leaves of Dhavanam)’s a love thing!

5.Maison Margiela – Replica – Whispers in the Library £96.00 for 100ml at Harrods

It’s time to unleash your inner swat with this Oriental Woody EDT. Part of the REPLICA Collection which uses Replica Filters to twist your favorite scent, it combines Pepper with Wood, Cedar and Vanilla to create the atmosphere of an ancestral library!

by Nick Cox

Image by Zairan Liu

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