Slow Ageing Essentials – Pint Sized Power Products.

Here at Grooming Towers we are often awash with the latest potions and unguents! This week my desk is groaning under the weight of new launches. If I’m honest often there is nothing to choose between them. Then thankfully a new brand appears which really does what it says on the tin

Slow Ageing offer a a power packed range of products that are suitable for both male and female skin. The power duo behind the brand are David Lieber who previously headed up Decleor in the UK and his wife Margot Lieber who launches the stellar Spa Illuminata!

Like most men I appreciate products that really do what they say on the tin, and with each of these pint sized power products a little goes a long,long way. The Slow Ageing Essential Facial Wash foams effortlessly on my skin, with a minimum of froth and fuss. It leaves my skin squeaky clean, but crucially not tight!

Next up in my new routine is the Essential Moisturiser which I packed with polyphenols from algae and antioxidants and after using it my skin appears bright and glowing but not oily. Over time I have also noticed a dramatic improvement in the pores on and around my nose. Clearer brighter skin in two easy steps, what’s not to love. Thanks team Slow Ageing…I’m hooked

Price: The Slow Ageing Essential Facial Wash £35 for 50ml. Essential Moisturiser £65 for 50ml
Verdict: ‘Pint sized power products’

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